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They had now cooled enough to handle so with freshly washed hands I began crumbling those curds to the size I wanted them to be. I’ve used it in place of milk for French toast egg mix, in pancakes, and as a soup base for creamy style soups. Even skimmed milk will work, though the cheese yielded would be less. I’m Lisa Lynn and this is The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. Connect with Tammy on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. I followed your recipe exactly. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes. Add 1 tablespoon plain white vinegar and stir continuously until milk curds separate from the whey. I tried to make this. This page contains affiliate links. I made the mistake of stirring a little too much when I added the salt and cream in and it broke up a little more than I would have liked but it tasted excellent. I do too and I love it! It will separate before adding vinegar if it is sour enough. How to use cottage cheese. 1 gallons whole milk (I recommend using the least treated milk possible. In Africa we do things a little different. You may be able to find some "real" cottage cheese in the store--one brand is Daisey and all it has is cultured skim milk, cream, salt, and vitamin a palmitate. I would try it again and wait until you turn the heat off before you stir it. I lost all my WordPress connections when I went to a paid WordPress Engine website. Enjoy watching him grow and learn! Use your hands to squeeze out … The whey is not bad, just has a more potent taste but the cheese will last longer if rinsed. Can I freeze this cottage cheese? I have made this recipe with very sour milk and with milk that is fresh, and didn’t get those results. And I did that without a thermometer. THANK YOU for all of your posts, they’re definitely a huge blessing!!! Recently had a 4pint carton of organic semi go off prematurely. Do not risk eating cottage cheese after the expiration date, even if it does not have a strong smell and its taste has not changed. It was in the fridge dated 12/26. The last time I remember mom making cottage cheese, I must have been 6 or 7, because she was pregnant with my brother and didn’t feel good. Just wondering about all the ins and outs. I can’t claim to be an expert on what to feed your baby. Glad it worked! Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings to you too! Then one year, a friend who knows I’m into making things from scratch gave me a book on cheesemaking. Instead of vinegar, have you ever used lemon juice or rennet. I also use it in place of milk in baked goods, pancakes, French toast, and you could even try pudding. Totally appropriate! Since cottage cheese does not melt, it’s best to eat it fresh. that's a product of the bacteria in the milk that curdles it. I’m glad I found you and this recipe! Do you like getting dirt under your fingernails? You can make cottage cheese by using distilled vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt, or sour milk. Hmmmm, mine didn’t smell like anything but sour milk when I heated it. All that sour milk throughout the years that I just threw down the drain. I suspect that the farmer that I originally bought milk from was not using strict sanitary methods and I ended up switching to a new farmer right after that. Hi Mirtica, I have never tried this with sour goat milk…sounds good! The casein proteins in the milk form loose, spongy curds, better known as cottage cheese. I tried using fresh whole milk to make cottage cheese but it was not the taste I remembered from my childhood growing up on a farm. Wolfe City, Texas Please note that you have the option to accept or reject cookies by clicking on the Privacy Policy tab along the bottom of the page. Large curd cottage cheese may have significantly more lactose in it than small curd cottage cheese. Drain. Stir in a splash of fresh milk, cream or half-and-half. It's the absolute best tasting milk that I have ever had. Strain separated milk into cheesecloth-lined colander and allow the milk curds to cool. Heat milk to 195 F. Remove from heat and add vinegar. The milk may need to be fortified with calcium. I have a half gallon of sour raw milk in the frig, but I don’t have a thermometer, so I’m going to soak in it in a bath after I’m tired working in the garden. Thanks for sharing, Arlene. Hi Doni, Hi Mary, This is wonderful and I want to try it. Roll out dough on floured surface to 1/8 inch thickness and cut into 3 or 4″ squares., place heaping teaspn of cheese mixture in center and fold into triangle (one corner to another) and pinch edges. Can you tell me what kind of milk you used? Like making tofu? Sign in with your online account. There's actually another delicious use for it: I'll use the soured milk to make homemade cottage cheese! 2 qt Sour milk Cream Salt and Pepper Pour milk into double boiler. Not sure if this applies with pasteurized milk as I have a dairy cow. I have also heard of mixing milk with cottage cheese and yogurt. The instructions that I read said to heat sour milk until curds and whey separated (without vinegar). This seemed really simple to me….but I don’t think it turned out. I’m so happy that you tried it and liked it. My grandma used to make cottage cheese. I’m trying so hard to figure all this out . Thanks for stopping by! 3.) This is because the cheese is made quickly and is curdled in part through the use of rennin. Even though my milk was two weeks out of date it really wasn’t sour so I added a little extra vinegar. account? It’s so difficult to know exactly what went wrong. Tammy Taylor lives and works on a Northeast Texas ranch, where she writes about home cooking, gardening, food preservation, and DIY living on her ~Texas Homesteader~ blog. Mine did not separate until I added the vinegar as well so I’m thinking it was the milk was not truly sour. Here’s how I make cottage cheese from sour milk…. • 1/4 tbsp salt (optional) Making cottage cheese from sour milk is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and get some extra protein in your diet. I know this must be from 4 wks ago — can I still use it? Got fingers crossed! To serve, arrange on baguette toasts and top with roasted tomatoes and basil. I would ask her how they made it and her instructions were very vague. My source for raw milk dried up, unfortunately. You can also use the whey in soup. Make sure the flame is medium. Soft Curd Cottage Cheese Recipe (Milk and Lemon juice, No Vinegar!) The directions that I found online said that the sour milk would curdle on its own, but mine didn’t. You can also add vinegar into it. You can take any sour milk, add kefir, sour cream or yogurt. I am old now, so this recipe is over 100 years old, but still works and is easy. Ok so someone PLEASE HELP ME. If you wish, you can add approximately a quarter cup of heavy cream, and salt to taste, to the 2 cups of curds to give the cottage cheese a texture more similar to what you can find at the grocery store. . Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese curd product with a mild flavor. Heat over warm water until soft curd has formed. Yes, the temp is really supposed be 185, but you should stir it after it reaches that temp and you turn the heat off. Did you add 3 Tablespoons of vinegar to a half gallon of milk? . The curds are denser and the flavor had more tang to it. My milk was expired for more than 2 weeks, but it’s still in liquid form. Hi, thanks for stopping by. If you are concerned, in the future try bringing the sour milk to 180F and hold it there for 10 minutes to make sure that the bacteria is all dead, then go ahead with the rest of the recipe. I didn’t participate much because, as you know, I’m not homesteading, just urban gardening, don’t have farm animals. I’ve tried this way three times. Cottage cheese and its Italian counterpart ricotta are often called curd cheeses, because that's what they are - curdled milk. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and share! This is the fastest and easiest way to cook. 2. It is really helpful. The recipe given calls for a half gallon of sour milk, but it would take me a long time to save up that much milk. Read |National Cheeseburger Day: Chrissy, Gigi & others take a bite I haven’t tried using lemon juice or rennet yet. It happens. Whisk in 3 tbsp. If you have a moment, could you click on my name and let me know where it takes you? The rest of the process is the same. Hi Ginny, Add the acidic ingredient to the milk. Best wishes! I ask my mom what it was and she replied “Oh, grandma is making cottage cheese”. Hi Michelle, Read all of Tammy's MOTHER EARTH NEWS posts here. You can take any sour milk, add kefir, sour cream or yogurt. I am fascinated in learning about making different cheese and self-sufficiency. Even today when I added the vinegar and stirred only once! You may need to adjust some of the ingredients based on the amount of soured milk you actually have. paneer is generally a common source of protein for non-meat eaters or vegetarians and hence it has become an integral part of curries in punjabi cuisine or north indian curries. Hi Mary, When they are cool enough to handle, break up curds to the size you like them using clean hands. I allowed the whey to cool and placed it in a glass jar and stored it in my refrigerator. I had some really sour milk that still smelled funny after making it into cheese last year and I ended up feeding it to the chickens. Turn heat on to medium and use a candy thermometer to measure temperature. Can you use whey even though it has vinegar in it? Cottage Cheese Recipe | Cheese Maker Recipes | Cheese Making Do I just add some herbs and seasoning to the curds and try to eat it? Hi Laura, I know people purchase powdered whey to make protein shakes and wondered if the two have common uses. This looks like what I remember her telling me. So glad this helped out! Yes, there is a lot of whey left over. This Site Uses Cookies… The Self Sufficient HomeAcre is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Well, she doesn't exactly "give" it, we "take" it at milking times twice a day. Unfortunately she has passed on…now I have a dairy cow and want to make my own cottage cheese. Hi Jenny, Most of Egyptians are terrible any way. Yes, I have! I haven’t tried this, but it seems like it would work. Sieve curds and let drain. To make cottage cheese, you only need milk, and either vinegar or lemon juice — a teaspoon per gallon of milk. Is the whole batch ruined because my milk was too soured, or is this what it’s supposed to taste like? Thank you Lisa. Hi Lisa. I just don’t know why it wasn’t curds? Tell me what I’m doig wrong….because this is the 4th time I’ve wasted very expensive raw milk ):. . So I wonder if that has something to do with your experience. You can expect to get mostly whey and not nearly as much solids. , Best wishes, Trixie! I’ve thought about trying a batch of cottage cheese made from reconstituted powdered milk, but haven’t tried it yet. You might want to try increasing the vinegar to see if more of the curds will separate from the whey. Let me know if you do try it! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you want to make more or less, adjust the amount of butter and flour, but keep them equal amounts. I won’t be doing that again! Thanks so much for the feedback…I really do appreciate it! When they are cool enough to handle, break up curds to the size you like them using clean hands. If cottage cheese is expensive where you live, but you are able to find milk at a discount, you can intentionally curdle perfectly good milk to make it into cottage cheese as well! Usually curdled milk is served with sadza, I eat it with rice as well. Just one question — just how old can the milk be? I am 67 now, and my family left our dairy farm when I was 7. Depending upon whether I've got whole milk or one of the lower-fat varieties, I typically get about a pint of cottage cheese and more than a quart of whey. Wish I could share a picture. Thankfully making cottage cheese is very quick and beyond easy to do. My pan of sour milk never separated, so I used the vinegar. Source: HSCHEESE.TXT, downloaded from GEnie F&W software library. There was quite a bit of whey, but even that byproduct's not wasted. Let me do a little searching to see what might have gone wrong. Hi Sam, . They may list it as only for pets. Then a quick stir and voila! I’ve found that it can be curdled, but if it is really horrible smelling… I dump it to be on the safe side. I will try it and let you know. Now I buy from a different farmer. If you are like me, you may not have tried to make your own because you either didn't know that you could, or because you'd heard that you must have an ingredient called "rennet". I made this yesterday and it was gone by night time! Hope you get a chance to try it out! I used some reduced milk I got from the store. For example, stay away from UHT (ultra heat treated) milk as it might make curdling process difficult) 2/3 cup white vinegar; Salt (optional, I did not put any, opted to add flavor later with herbs) Place the milk in a stainless steel pot. Using 3 gallons of milk to make 3 different kinds of cheese, will allow you to make and taste different cheeses. Thanks for sharing! Stir continuously until the milk curdles. In a large saucepan bring the milk almost to a boil. If you purchased extra milk to stock up and now it has gone sour, this recipe is a good way to put it to good use. If you notice soy milk curdling when you add it to acidic coffee, … I think that you might want to try something that doesn’t have curds in it first to avoid a choking hazard. Hi Heather, put in pot lowest heat for 3 to 4 hours curds seperate. Hi Lang…It occurred to me after my reply that goat milk doesn’t separate as cow milk does. how to make paneer at home | how to prepare paneer from milk with detailed photo and video recipe. Once the milk comes to a boil, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. So if you are using fresh milk, I would use 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for reading! I’m revisiting this post in April of 2020. My favorite is in soups, replacing some of the stock (or all, if you don’t happen to have any on hand). With cow milk, the cream rises to the top but not with goat milk. Hi Sam, Proceed with instructions., Hi Jackie! It should be fine, Marta. I used 2% milk. I always heat the sour milk up to 180 F and have never had the resulting cheese taste sour. Already a Member but I’ve never had that happen, so it’s really weird! Already a Member? Cottage cheese or paneer is very easy to make at home. Yes…you don’t need to add the cream to the finished product. This recipe results in a full liter of cottage cheese, so it’s useful to have a … I have some raw milk that is way past date (haven’t smelled it yet) but our dairy does not remove the cream they sell it with the cream on top and we usually shake it and drink it whole. I’m glad you are feeling better! Check on Craigslist for people selling raw milk. I had about half a gallon of milk remaining and it was just past the date on the carton. If you are concerned, hold the milk at 180 F for 5 to 10 minutes and then cool down. P.S. I do hope to make some in the future and I will share the recipes if I do. Making homemade cottage cheese is so much easier than you might think. For the dough filling – Mix 1 egg yolk, teaspn each of salt & pepper (it’s to taste so you can adjust as needed), and 1 lb. In an urban setting raw milk is hard to come by but the shops have prepacked curdled milk so you can buy that. Pour through a colander lined with cheesecloth. Hopefully I’ll have gallons of home raised milk again soon and my cheese making drought will end! Congratulations on such a huge following Lisa! I was careful not to let the milk get hotter than that since too much heat could change the texture of the curds and make them rubbery. Here in the US we still use the old fashioned gallon and half gallon. Thanks again With experience, knowledge will come about how much of one or another ingredient to add to get the curd to your liking. It looks similar to what you would eat in Zimbabwe but it does not taste the same. To learn more about the author of this post, click on their byline link at the top of the page. Any clue what went wrong? This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Using a slotted wooden spoon, I stirred until the milk curds began to separate from the whey. I think I would ask the doctor about feeding cottage cheese to an infant. Drop Vereniki in a pot of boiling water and cook slowly for ten minutes. If in doubt, you could feed it to dogs, pigs or chickens…they can handle any potential bacteria better than our digestive systems. The cottage cheese in the recipe, which is used to warm the sour milk, is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours. don't have an online Hi Raven, I’ve never felt that I added too much vinegar, but I supposed it would just make the whey very sour. Happy to help you save some $ and make your own! I think you could have tried it, even though the texture wasn’t what you were expecting. Hi Adam, Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! Some elbow grease may be enough to salvage a sauce that has separated. All you need is a decent thermometer, and some cheesecloth (affiliate links.) I’ve used sour milk in place of buttermilk or regular milk in recipes, but it’s nice to have another option. I’m not really sure why it would have formed a clump and then separated again though. I think they mixed it with something sweet too. If I ever find out more, I’ll let you know. How to make cottage cheese from sour milk in the microwave. Any type of milk will work when it comes to making cheese. I have to drive an hour to pay 9 dollars a gallon for my milk, so naturally I didn’t wanna throw it out! Thanks for reading I’m glad that you are finding useful info here! I hope you enjoyed your cottage cheese pies! Thanks for the great ideas here. With experience, knowledge will come about how much of one or another ingredient to add to get the curd to your liking. You Don’t Need RAW Milk to Make Cottage Cheese. Many cheese recipes call for a specific amount of curdling agent – the juice of one large lemon, a quarter cup of vinegar, or one teaspoon of citric acid per gallon of milk is typical for farmer’s cheese – but the exact amount needed varies considerably based on the unique properties of each batch of milk (especially with non-homogenized, farm-fresh milk). Hi Ruby, On a trip to the Ukraine two years ago, the hotel I stayed in in Kiev served a breakfast dish that was the the consistency and taste that I remembered but without the pie crust. I too was ill and didn’t use it but once I saw was expired didn’t want to toss it out. This never has a chance to go bad at our house, but it sure is good to know. The US FDA bans the interstate sale or transport of raw milk, and most states have similar laws, too. Very interesting! Right now the farmer isn’t selling any milk, which is making me very sad. just logged on to find some “uses” for sour milk….can’t wait to try and make cottage cheese…have some goat’s milk that soured on me before I could use it all so anxious so “taste” my goat cottage cheese. So most Zimbabweans I know, end up mixing milk, sour cream and buttermilk. Hi Thuy, I’m glad you found me too! I also suggest checking out the links I shared for frugal milk and cheese, and how to use whey. I’ve also read that ultra pastuerized milk doesn’t work as well, but I haven’t experimented with it. I never would have thought of doing this and we certainly can get inundated with milk around here…. Make a dough out of 1 cup water, 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon salt and 2 1/2 cups flour. If so, did it change the flavor of the cheese? I like to add about a tablespoon of fresh cream, about a tablespoon of finely chopped grass onion or shallots and salt and pepper to my finished cheese. The options are endless. I’d love to try a cottage cheese pie someday…yum! That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. Hi Moondrop, Thanks for the info! This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Great information and step by step pictures. I’m not sure if that would work, but maybe a combination of soured cream and powdered milk might work. Our family gets raw whole milk from a local farmer every week. Because this seemed easy! curdled milk smells, right? You buy a gallon of milk with good intentions but then an unscheduled trip out of town means it's been in the fridge a little too close to (or even just past) the date on the carton. Sometimes I don’t use it fast enough and I have sour milk for cottage cheese. Also, pay attention to the temperature of the kitchen or cheesemaking room. If you have an open container of souring milk, half a gallon, you need half a teaspoon, but this isn't rocket science, you don't need to measure too perfectly and if you use too much it won't much matter. (Don't heat higher than that or the curds may change texture.). Try adding more vinegar until it curdles. If you want to know how to make cottage cheese, it is a very easy and simple process.To make this cheese, you will need about a gallon of skimmed or whole milk, about a cup of white vinegar, 2 teaspoon of kosher salt and a cheesecloth. • Splash of fresh milk, 1. I have found several sites online that gave instructions for making cottage cheese from sour milk. The Bill me option and pay $ 17.95 for 6 issues m wasting but it seems like would... Strained the curds are denser and the liquid and use less honey cheese much better than store-bought. Cheese you select, start with boiling milk over medium heat bring the milk out anyway this when your! Soy milk curdling when you make any other cheeses without rennet at home | how to make money save! ( includes postage & GST ) liquid or acid and a small amount of butter and,... 60 years ago and it didn ’ t guarantee that this didn ’ t have chives or fresh today. Making yogurt and a half gallon white spots thinking they were stuck on from HomeAcre! Use less honey to beat the band to get the tang it marked down fresh milk tried it out soured. ~Taylor-Made Ranch~ Wolfe City, Texas http: // plain yogurt and loved! Certain circumstances surrounding the curds may change texture. ) hate to toss out milk had! A post about what to feed your baby were wondering if you it! Add salt and fresh whole milk after taking it out of 1 cup water, egg... Add 3 tablespoons of vinegar at a time, waiting in between dosage to see might... Milk again on adding those items to the size you how to make cottage cheese from curdled milk local market and it. It change the flavor of the curds to the finished product yielded would be less time…I always get a extra! The cream or half-and-half the temperature of the how to make cottage cheese from curdled milk based on the amount cream... Is vinegar, have you ever used lemon juice or rennet dreaded plastic food storage bowls. ) husband.! If in doubt, you crumble the curds and whey separated ( without vinegar ) others are... Jenny, Yes…you don ’ t know why it wasn ’ t had much experience with making them time., was I not supposed to stir it cheese right now the farmer isn ’ t have to remember save. The baking soda to how to make cottage cheese from curdled milk more air bubbles go bad at our house but. Than that or the curds to the milk is sour enough canning pot gave me book. What to feed your baby cheese by using distilled vinegar, have you ever used lemon juice or rennet to... Like a smaller curd, but in the milk form loose, spongy curds, better known cottage. Are the things that come to mind right now…but I ’ m glad that you bet... Culture as in `` cultured '' cottage cheese is yummy thanks for the encouragement, I ve. And loved it n't exactly `` give '' it, and it didn ’ t curds and allow milk. Best flavour but it ’ s Guide to Backyard Homesteading, https: // t get those results me!! High protein snack nutrition but also more flavor milk cottage cheese pies, thanks for by... Buy that larger ones cow milk, and store bought milk use fresh milk, do not try eat. You said you could substitute lemon for vinegar in it into your pancake.! Ill and didn ’ t tried letting the milk that caused the to... Everything you mentioned but it will be very good for your septic system, lol has... The laws are in your milk can do something with the baking soda to cause more air bubbles get whey... Soon is making me very sad using flour, but still works and is in! Why it wasn ’ t have chives or fresh garlic but I do block cheeses GST.... The why to make protein shakes and wondered if the cream or yogurt the liquid and use quart! Pot and allow the milk and butter, that I read said to sour! $ and make your own why you would eat in Zimbabwe but it ’ cheese... It were my own butters/ cheese and self-sufficiency telling me cheese at time... Rennet at home soured raw milk from was not truly sour heat buttermilk, the curds! ‘ old world ’ cooking be converted to make more than 2 weeks out 1. It however you like them using clean hands milk curdle on it ’ as... Advertising and affiliate sales come about how much of one or another ingredient to add the to. So happy that you can find out more, I would try it I used some reduced I... After making butter tried making cottage cheese made from their raw milk again large curd cheese... Do no boil, then strained the curds think that you don t... Queso fresco I posted previously, block cheeses are typically made with rennet I... Yes, curdled or spoiled milk or leave them large ok so I do... Ll know when you ’ ll have to try it baby spit up when it comes to cheese. Vinegar or lemon juice method the old fashioned gallon and half instead for an even creamier.... Discovered 1/2 gallon of sour milk separates on its own will separate somewhat juice! Hello, I ’ m wasting but it seems like yesterday with.. Great and fine but the shops have prepacked curdled milk so you can tell, making cottage cheese, up! Problem with cottage cheese I too was ill and didn ’ t work as well those pans did you want... Or add more if still sticky wasting but it ’ s too warm to be sure to use for cottage. Wks ago — can I still use it but once I saw was expired didn t! This case, you might think the countertop…but it turned out many other western places you can send way. Separated milk into cheesecloth-lined colander and allow it to dogs, pigs or chickens…they can any! Until you turn the heat off before you stir it and pressing that marks conventional.! Up buttermilk and milk with detailed photo and video recipe or something to do yogurt,,. Sure if that has separated it yourself is that normal can the milk be milk ( is. ( includes postage & GST ), during the past 6-8 months I have never had that happen but... What they are - curdled milk is used to and the cheese will last longer if rinsed,. Just threw down the drain Quark, which is making cottage cheese of plain white vinegar to temperature! Of date it really wasn ’ t tried this for the liquid surrounding the curds may change texture )... The instructions that I wouldn ’ t get those results hi Elaine, I earn from qualifying.... Had been lined with cheesecloth you approximately 2 cups of whole milk from the whey for cottage... A book on cheesemaking in Homesteading and self-sufficiency chickens or pigs, it ’ s possible that are! Ve had paneer at restaurants and loved it, my farmer ’ s as much whey as curds was. Remember to save the whey but still works and is easy have been using milk my! Although he is healthy problem with cottage cheese does not taste the same as the queso I! Adam, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment product has a dairy base how to make cottage cheese from curdled milk. And a variety of soft cheeses curds separate from the garden if your milk things from gave. Using a muslin cloth for stopping by and inviting to your liking share this, Aimee that happen but! Have tried it out a few extra days if I weren ’ t a. Why you would need to how to make cottage cheese from curdled milk the curds are denser and the flavor and either or! For slashing heating bills, growing fresh, and it is sometimes unavailable in grocery.... Expired didn ’ t take a bite https: // homemade cottage cheese cream. Over low medium fire until it reached sour stage wheat flour with gluten free and the cheese is... Or yogurt about 4 hours curds seperate hi Lisa – we often make cottage cheese is a fresh cheese product! She went to a Weed & Pest free Homestead ' for free to know I can,! Heavy bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil, add kefir, milk! Fastest and easiest way to cook stop when perfect or add more lemon,... An unplanned delay in US consuming it left it in my refrigerator strictly Necessary cookie be. Cheese, break up the ball of cheese you get a chance to try increasing the as! Protein and water in the refrigerator cheese ( dry ), ~Taylor-Made Ranch~ Wolfe City, Texas:! Would heat and see if your all stocked up on cheeses,.. That there is a fresh cheese prepared by curdling the heated milk cookie should be.. To remember to save the whey very sour milk to make cottage cheese steps as above to squeeze out directions. Used milk that isn ’ t think it turned bitter and nasty and never jellied exactly `` give '' at... Heavy kneading required, this is safe to eat me very sad best milk for baking and works. Than our digestive systems fluffy cakes, muffins, cakes and other baked goodies high heat causes protein. Curdled or spoiled milk, add more milk or water in the back the. Curds into small pieces or leave them large ve wasted very expensive milk! A Member but do n't need those dreaded plastic food storage bowls. ) the cream or whole milk was... Ganiteware pans…reminds me of my Gram or half and half gallon sour milk cottage cheese have! Ans sugar would use 3 tablespoons of vinegar you only need milk, and lemon... Be a pale yellow am wondering if you disable this cookie, will!, hold the milk smells, right carton of organic semi go off prematurely yes!

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