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Femco USA The Non-Drip system is a series of drain plugs and clickers specifically created to rapidly drain and refill oil from vehicles or machines without leaving any residue. By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug at your next oil change with the No-Spill™ oil drain … This drainage system is used … As the Femco Drain Plug only needs to be installed once, when it's time to change the oil simply unscrew the dust cap, attach the drainer, and let the oil drain out. Where can I find an oil drain plug in the right size? They currently operate from their warehouse and office in Santa Rosa, California. Why use FEMCO fittings? In fact, these products can contribute to … Pact 7050020417 sage oil vac standard lb 6090020070 m27x2 0 t12 femco 7 piece magic oil drain plug socket oil drain valves 2016 s550 mustang efficiently clean and safe Hydracheck Femco Oil Drain Plug Standard SystemStandard Lb 6090020070 M27x2 0 T12 FemcoNo Spill Systems Oil Drain Plug Official SiteFemco Standard Oil Drain Plug From Solutions… Xl Drain Femco. This drain plug design works in a wide range of applications when you need the basic benefits of Femco drain plug technology (i.e., quick access during oil and fluid maintenance). Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information. The Click Drain Femco drain plug is just as it sounds, consisting of a plug and a clicker. Femco’s Drain Technology solution is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience. ENG. Category: HydraCheck Accessories. Expertise which has made us worldwide market leaders in the field of oil drain systems. Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff coupled with innovative products make Femco, in my opinion, the leader in their field!’, Rendementsweg 7 3641 SK Mijdrecht, The Netherlands, How To Change Your Car’s Oil in Less Than 30 Minutes. Quick Drain Oil Plug 600 Thread Sizes Femco 35 Years Of. This system can help you change your oil or other fluids in a quick and safe way for all machines, vehicles and hydraulic systems. Oil Drain Plug S Parts No Spill Systems. Attention Re-Sellers and Fleet Customers, if you have a pre-existing purchase agreement with No-Spill Systems, please call us at 1-888-466-7745 or email to place your order. In 1983 Femco® introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes a quick, clean and more environmentally friendly job. Femco Drain Plug For International S Model 6090020070. These supplies range from replacement dust caps to oil-sampling nipples and drain hoses. As a result you can be sure that the Femco ® oil drain plugs are of the highest quality. Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug From Solutions For Construction Pros. Femco is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality oil drain systems. Following these three steps will make oil … When maintenance productivity is a top concern, a Click Drain Femco ® drain plug is one of the best solutions for faster oil and fluid exchanges. Once the drainer seals itself, the valve opens and the oil begins to drain … The Femco oil draining system is designed by specialists with over 30 years of expertise and is created to make it easier and quicker to change oil and fluids in a sustainable way. I am a bit confused and hoping that someone has a definitive answer. We are committed to serving the needs of our … 15321 Main Street NE, Suite 317-319 Duvall WA 98019, United States. Femco Drain Systems allow you to evacuate fluids far quicker than standard fluid change processes. Simply remove the dustcap and connect the clicker, and your draining the oil without any mess. For use in any truck, tractor, bulldozer or any piece of equipment. Skip to main You can also attach several hose ends to the oil drain valve to control the flow completely. The Click Drain Femco drain plug is just as it sounds, consisting of a plug and a clicker. . Oil Drain Plug S Parts No Spill Systems. Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug (M18x1.5-SB-T12 (10 inch hose)…) in Oil Drain Plugs. • The Femco® oil drain plug reduces downtime • You can drain oil at engine temperature safely • You can drain oil in an environmental friendly way, because oil spillages are prevented • Oil is contained from sump to container • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads • Tool less oil changing, all you need is the drain … Because of this expertise we have become the worldwide market leader in the field of oil drainage systems. Femco Oil Drain Plug Standard System 3 4 14npt Lb T15 Hydracheck. Custom sizes are also available. ONE TIME INSTALLATION - Once installed, the Femco plug will stay in your oil pan, and you will never need to use any tools to drain your oil COMPACT DESIGN - With its short profile, this oil drain plug is … Clicker and Plug lay flush, ensuring an entirely clean fluid exchange. Examples include engine oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil and coolant. Femco is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality oil drain systems. Please see the bottom of the page for part numbers and pricing. Where can I find an oil drain plug in the right size? The Femco® Drain Systems (FDS) Portability. The Quick Drain oil drain valve is a combination of a plug and a drain connector. Drain Plugs Keyes Ering Inc. Standard Drain Set Sb 6810085 1 2 20 Unf T12 Femco .

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